How exercise can improve your insulin levels

When I was at university we spent many hundreds of hours looking at the relationship between elevated insulin levels and a range of chronic conditions. It wasn't until I started practicing that I began to see how much daily exercise could help my clients improve their insulin sensitivity. Time and time again, I saw that clients who exercised on a daily basis, not only lost more weight but their blood sugar levels stabilised much more quickly than people who were unable to exercise. This has convinced me that any blood sugar management regime must include an element of cardio and strength training to improve insulin sensitivity.

At Vitality Nutrition we have designed a unique exercise programme, using a range of techniques designed to build strength, increase fat loss and help lower the production of stress hormones.

Natalie, our exercise specialist has worked with a range of individuals, many who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Not only is she a qualified Personal Trainer, she is also a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Body Balance Instructor and Pilates Teacher. Natalie can design a personalised exercise programme that will compliment and enhance your nutrition plan.

To find out more, email us at and we will be happy to explain all our available programmes.

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