It can take some time to work out what is really going on in the body using traditional methods and testing can give us a much greater insight. We offer a range of functional tests.

Our most popular test is the vitamin D pin prick blood test. This can be completed in your own home and posted to a certified NHS lab. We can analyse your test result and make recommendations based on current government guidelines.


functional tests

List of Functional Tests

  • Core 10 Key Nutrient Testing

  • Blood Glucose Testing

  • Comprehensive Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid Testing

  • Adrenal Stress Test

  • Homocysteine Levels

  • Liver Detox Profile

  • Parasite and Digestive Stool Analysis

  • Helicobacter Pylori

  • Comprehensive Digestive Screening

  • Food Intolerance

  • Food Allergy

  • Heavy Metal Screening

  • Thyroid Functions Tests

  • Female Hormone Tests

  • Male Hormone Test

We provide comprehensive test results for all our tests and explain how to make dietary and lifestyle changes in line with your test results.