Initial consultation (currently remote)  90 minutes £70.00

Before your initial consultation we will send you an in-depth health questionnaire. We need to know about your current medical history, family medical history and current prescription medications and supplement regimes. We will also request that you fill in a food diary so that we can calculate your daily nutrient intake. The initial appointment will take 90 minutes and having this information beforehand means that your appointment time is not wasted filling in paperwork. We want you moving towards a healthier you as quickly as possible. After this consultation you will also receive an individual nutrition and lifestyle programme.


Follow up visits (currently remote) 30 minutes £30.00


We recommend a follow-up visit no more than 6 weeks after your initial consultation. At this point we can review your blood pressure, weight loss (if required)  and record any changes that we may need to pass on to your GP. If we have requested functional tests, this will be a good time to review the results.


We also provide health packages, that enable you to speak to your coach on a weekly basis.

Willpower might be described as a muscle, and it truly is the hardest muscle to build. Four to six weeks between appointments can be a long time when you are trying to make big changes, so we offer a weekly check in service where you can email your questions and we will get back to you either by email or phone (whichever is most convenient).


Weekly Top Tips

On top of this service we provide weekly emails with health tips, the latest nutrition research and reviews of articles and new publications.

Nutritional consultations