Grow Your Own Superfoods!

When it comes to berries, blueberries tend to be at the top of my list. Not only are they delicious, but they are also high in antioxidants and extremely rich in naturally occurring compounds called phytochemicals. One of these compounds, Anthocyanidins, is responsible for the pigment that gives fruit and berries their luscious rich colours. These plant compounds have been extensively researched and they appear to support the health of blood vessels and reduce the arterial stiffness often associated with ageing. Researchers have recently established that diets low in Anthocyanidins are likely to result in damaged and leaky capillaries. It is also thought that Anthocyanidins can help to reinforce and maintain collagen and improve skin elasticity, possibly reducing wrinkles. Sadly, the sugar content of shop bought blueberries has increased significantly over the years and many are now super sweet. Another reason you may want to consider growing your own, less sweet, variety.

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