Study Finds Link Between Omega-3 And Lowered Aggression Levels

The potential of Omega-3 supplements to calm aggressive behaviour in children may also reduce the psychological aggression among parents not receiving supplements, says an important new study. The researcher, Jill Portnoy, got 200 children to take part in then study. The children were randomly assigned either a drink containing Omega-3 or the same drink without Omega-3 and told to drink it everyday for 6 months. The data from the start of the study to 6 months indicated that Omega-3 supplementation led to long-term reductions in psychological aggression within the WHOLE household. Harry Rice, VP at the Omega-3 organisation said ‘Lowering the child’s aggression using Omega-3 improved the child’s behaviour, which then lowered the overall stress level of the household, creating less aggressive behaviour in the house.

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