What’s the best way to beat those sugar cravings?

Clients often ask me why they simply can’t resist sugar. It’s really frustrating for many people that they fail to achieve their weight loss goals because of their addiction to sugary foods. Is it genetic? Yes, for some people there is a genetic component. By carrying out a simple DNA test we can now find out if you have genes that indicate you are more likely to enjoy sweet foods, or that you have genes that make you more inclined to overeat. Emotional eating can also be traced back to our genes although, with most people, there will be a root cause triggered at some point in the past. If you have been under intense stress, say from losing a loved one or going through a divorce, it is not uncommon to self sooth with comforting foods. So yes, our genes may put us at risk, but our life experiences and environment are what activates those genes.

Learning how to balance your blood sugar is actually the best way to deal with sugar cravings. This means eating regular protein rich meals and reducing your intake of fast release carbohydrates. Certain food supplements also seem to help; Chromium and Cinnamon in particular seem to regulate blood sugar and, if taken regularly, can reduce those late afternoon sugar cravings.

We carry out lots of functional tests at Vitality Nutrition, including nutrient testing, digestive stool analysis and DNA testing.

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